From multiple offers to low ball offers....what's happening to the market?

Thursday May 25th, 2017


I've been asked more times that I can count in the last three weeks about whether the market is about to crash or cool down.   Here is what I've noticed.  There is a large cooling outside of the Toronto borders.  I went from competing with 7-10 different offers on one house, to submitting an offer below the asking price WITH conditions attached. It's becoming common right now to see a house sit on the market for weeks instead of days which is... [read more]

The New Rental Fairness Act

Thursday Apr 27th, 2017


I've been getting lot's of questions about what to expect from the new Rental Fairness Act.  Here's a link to the act in it's entirety at this stage. At this point the act is in it's second reading and would appear that it will pass in the near future. There are quite a few shake ups, but the one that will affect most of my clients is the fact that eviction of a tennant for personal use will have further conditions attached to it.  Namely, the landlord must keep... [read more]

And the winner is........

Wednesday Apr 12th, 2017


Thanks everybody for the all the page visits and everybody who has liked the facebook page in the past.  The random.org draw selected James M as the winner of the Blue Jays vs Orioles Tickets. Congrats James!  The tickets will be in your email inbox shortly. [read more]

Blue Jays Ticket Give Away!

Friday Apr 07th, 2017


To cellebrate the launch of the new Homes By Bilby website we're going to be giving away a pair of Blue Jays tickets against the Orioles on the 16th of April.  Great seats in the outfield with a chance to catch a ball AND it's umbrella day!  Section 107, Row 3....so make sure you bring your baseball glove! All you have to do to be entered is to leave a comment on this blog with your name(Don't worry your email address isn't posted publicly) as well as going to... [read more]

Micro Condos.......it's a thing!

Thursday Apr 06th, 2017


I watched a video on the FP page today in regards to the future trend in Toronto's condo market.  It had a few buzz words that caught my attention.  One such word was "Manhattan-ization" and the other was "Micro" condos.  "Micro"..........hmmmmm. It's not hard to notice that land is quickly dissapearing in the downtown core and that the condo creep is pushing East and West since there is still and to develop there.  This is great... [read more]